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Leading Providers of Travel Health Insurance

Updated: Apr 3

When you go on a trip to another country, like for a relaxing beach vacation, exploring new foods in a city, or going on a fun safari, unexpected things like getting hurt, getting sick, or having travel problems can mess up your plans.

To safeguard against these risks, travel medical insurance offers coverage for a range of scenarios, including overseas medical treatments, hospital stays, and emergency evacuations, as well as reimbursements for interrupted trips due to covered reasons.

Policies typically include 24-hour emergency assistance, protection against terrorism incidents, and compensation for lost or stolen luggage. However, it's essential to carefully review the policy details to avoid any surprises when filing a claim.

Here's a summary of travel medical insurance coverage from six major insurers:

  • WorldTrips: Offers customizable single-trip plans like Atlas Travel® and Atlas Premium® with options for deductible and coverage maximum, along with group rates and multi-trip coverage.

  • Allianz: Provides the One Trip Emergency Medical policy, offering coverage for emergency medical expenses and transportation with flexible trip durations.

  • IMG Global: Offers Patriot Travel Medical Insurance® with customizable plans for trips up to 12 months, including options for deductible and policy maximum.

  • Seven Corners: Provides Liaison® Travel Medical Insurance plans with varying coverage levels and options for trip duration, including coverage for COVID-19 treatment.

  • GeoBlue: Offers a range of plans such as Voyager (single trip), Trekker (multiple trips), and Xplorer (long-term/expatriate)with customizable coverage levels and options for different travel needs.

  • Trawick International: Provides several travel medical plans like Safe Travels Outbound, Safe Travels International, and more, allowing customization of coverage limits and deductibles.

Each insurer has its own rating and policy specifics, so it's crucial to compare and choose the plan that best fits your travel requirements and budget.

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